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life is too short

Sometimes I hate SyFy

Posted on 2013.09.10 at 10:23
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So, I'm flipping through the channels this morning and I catch the tail end of a Star Trek movie I've never seen. The credits roll and SyFy says Ark of Truth is coming up. Cool! I love the beginning of that, with Daniel and Vala being all snarky. I can sit and watch for a minute or two before I get back to work. So Vala goes through her spiel about opening the ark and then Daniel reveals that it "literally won't open." I'm all ready for Vala to grab a pickaxe when it cuts to Sam and Cam under fire. HUH?!?!?!?  Where's my cute moment with Daniel struggling to get the pickaxe from Vala, and Teal'c trying to get their attention, and Daniel and Vala yelling "What?" at the same time?

Oh, SyFy, you really do irk me sometimes!!! At least now I have an excuse to use one of the angrier moods on my mood selector. ;)

So, these are the next three episodes on my DVD set. They seem to be out of order according to the various wikis and episode guides on the internet but maybe it doesn't matter too much. Also I'm doing a bunch together in one post because they are getting a little boring to me. First off, "Brief Candle." The highlight I guess was learning that Daniel can deliver a baby. lol. Other than that, it wasn't all that interesting to me. Don't hate me, but RDA/O'Neill just isn't my cup of attractive tea. Sorry. And I know it wasn't his fault that he slept with Kynthia, but seriously, these SG teams need to be careful what they eat and drink. Hmm... as I'm writing about this, I'm getting the feeling that I'm not the explorer type. I'd be much too afraid of getting accidentally sick or killed off-world. Probably why I haven't been recruited for any top-secret Stargate missions. ;)

"Cold Lazarus" is a sad one. It's the one about Jack getting cloned and the clone goes to see his wife Sara and Charlie. The clone seems to have all of Jack's knowledge, memories and feelings, just not the biting sarcasm. So when he talks to Sara, it might really be what Jack's always wanted to say but didn't know how. Anyway, it's awfully sad what Charlie's death did to them, did to Jack. You almost wish they could get back together somehow. Unfortunately, as I've heard before, the boys in the bridge had no idea how to write real relationships. You could just tell this one wasn't going to go anywhere. :(

"Thor's Hammer" wasn't too bad. You might think it's just a key episode for Teal'c since he's the one that gets trapped in the labyrinth and can't get out because of his symbiote. However, it's also a big episode for Daniel because they've finally found a way to help Sha're and Skaara if they can ever find them. The ending is really sad though. And you can really see it coming. To save Teal'c Daniel has to sacrifice his wife. He remains optimistic though. In any other show, you might see the Daniel character refuse to pull the trigger, refuse to destroy the device that could save his wife. Or at the very least, if he did destroy the device, he might immediately walk off to be by himself and possibly torment himself for sealing Sha're's fate. These early episodes do like to end on happy notes though, so Daniel holds it together and even offers a positive, "well, at least now we know it can be done" (paraphrased), showing he still has hope that they'll find some other way to free her.

Another thing I liked about this episode was Kendra, the former Goa'uld host who went through the labyrinth and purged the symbiote. She talks about her childhood and that she was cursed with beauty. Again, don't hate me for this, but I wonder if Vala's homeworld was anything like this. I wonder if she was chosen by Qetesh because of her beauty. It also seems that the writers have been consistent from the beginning -- hosts do seem to remember the atrocities committed by their Goa'uld parasites. Anyway, something to think about. Oh, one more thing. I totally ship Teal'c and Kendra after this ep. ;)

life is too short

SG-1: s01-06: The First Commandment

Posted on 2013.08.25 at 20:15
Current Mood: blahblah
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Hmm... What to say about this one. Well, it's the first time they reference big ol' trees as being very common in their travels. Inside joke obviously, since they're shooting in Vancouver. I remember finding that funny. :) Sam was engaged to Jonas Hanson and I remember finding that weird because he appeared so much older than her. Must have been the scruffy beard. *shrugs* Once again Sam is the compassionate one who wants to stop a slave from being beaten to death, and both Daniel and Teal'c think they should wait for Jack to return from wherever it is he went. At least they were consistent with their characterizations early on, even if it didn't quite sit right that Daniel still isn't learning basic sympathy. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping he sees the light by Season 2. ;)

I guess what we also have here is a story about another common theme so far, the fact that all the SG teams are considered gods because they travel through the stargate. It was nice of the writers to acknowledge this and write a story about it. Again, it seems SGC protocols are gonna be written regarding this type of situation, and perhaps there will be a little more scrutiny when selecting SGC off-world teams.

Also I'm even more convinced the reason I was so put off by these early episodes was that Daniel was behaving like a jerk a good portion of the time. I suppose another thing that might have bothered me is that I had really enjoyed the Ancient Egyptian mythology and the Earth constellations connection of the 1994 Stargate movie. So far we've seen Mongol tribes, descendants of Minoans, and some kind of early cave people. There will be a Greecian or Athenian episode soon, I think, as well as a Viking world. No other Egyptian worlds yet. And hardly anything has been said about how the stargates work or why all the constellations on the DHDs are ones from Earth and not native to the planets that they're on. I know it's explained later on in the series, but I guess that's the science geek in me coming through. I just wanna know how the darn things work. ;)

life is too short

SG-1: s01-05: The Broca Divide

Posted on 2013.08.25 at 15:32
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
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Ok, this is Janet's first episode. :) I think it's cute how she calls Teal'c "Mr. Teal'c." So professional and adordable too. :) What I liked about this episode is that it addressed, again, how completely unprepared Earth is for interplanetary travel. They'll be implementing a lot of their infirmary protocols after this ep to make sure returning teams aren't spreading plagues to the rest of the population. You'd think someone would've thought of this before they went messing with gate travel. Guess curiosity is more prevalent in human nature than I'd imagined. Nowadays I bet humans are more likely to turn on the tv and channel surf 'til they find a reality show. :( So sad.

Anyhoo, Sam does the good bit about wanting to rescue the native girl who looks like she's being raped and Daniel is mired in his anthropological brain. Again, I'm slightly turned off by early Daniel. When does that human-sympathy kick in? Oh, that's right after Sam's been infected and in the infirmary. Kinda funny how Jack gets all jealous.

So the first time around when I was watching, I guess I didn't really wanna see the J/S ship, but now, I can't believe I couldn't see it. They certainly played up the attraction in these early episodes. Maybe I was averse to it because of the cliche-ness of it again, or the too-much, too-fast feel of it. *shrugs* I dunno. Rewatching now, I can appreciate it.

Um, what else? Not much I suppose. The episode is straightforward. Janet successfully figures out what's wrong after Teal'c brings back a sample of healthy blood. Jack heroically offers himself as a guinea pig so they can see if Janet's cure will work. Daniel's back on the planet making whoopie with the alien chick he didn't want to rescue before. All in all, a good ep with lasting implications on SGC protocol. :)

life is too short

SG-1: s01-04: Emancipation

Posted on 2013.08.24 at 22:44
Current Mood: indifferentindifferent
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Ok, now I remember more of my issues with "Emancipation." One of the things is the cliche-ness of the story, which I guess shouldn't bother me since I write in cliches too. Another thing is that when the kid who kidnapped Sam stops to rest and let her eat, she should've taken the chance to get away. She's a captain in the Air Force, why can't she overpower this 18 year-old kid? Especially since she's skilled enough to win the fight with the enemy chieftain at the end of the episode. But that's about it, everything else was pretty much fine. Just another major story thread started here. SG-1 is going to be meddling without a lot of cultures and getting them to rethink their old ways and laws.

I suppose Daniel also irked me in the beginning. When they realize that Sam's being a woman is going to offend these people, she says they should probably just go home, but Daniel says this is an extraordinary opportunty to study an ancient civilization. C'mon, Daniel, Sam's life could be in danger if you all step outta line accidentally. What's more important--Sam, or your insatiable need for knowledge? Silly man.

That's about it for this one. I might try to watch "The Broca Divide" tonight too.

life is too short

SG-1: s01-03: The Enemy Within

Posted on 2013.08.23 at 23:29
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
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Interesting. I coulda sworn Janet would be in this one. Oh well. Bad memory. *shrugs* I'm pretty sure she'll show up by "The Broca Divide."

Good episode though. Much better than I remembered. I think I might totally ship O'Neill/Kawalsky now. Poor guys. You can tell they were good friends while serving together. And Jack's as great as ever. Sticking up for Teal'c and sassing that Colonel Kennedy who wanted to sacrifice Kawalsky at first, and then wanted to take Teal'c back to the CIA. I suppose that's one of the threads I didn't like so much over the years, the whole political side of things. But they did get things off to a good start at least. You could tell the writers were really starting to understand the universe they were creating.

You could definitely see the brother-sister thing with Sam and Daniel in this ep. She's completely sensitive about Sha're's and Skaara's fates. Even encouraging Daniel to get some sleep when he admits that he can't. Totally a sister thing. :) I imagine she behaved much the same way throughout the series, and probably encouraged him to try to rest when Vala gets kidnapped in Season 10. It's a thought at least.

One other thing that strikes me. In the pilot, Sha're is in excruciating pain when she becomes a host, but Kawalsky says he didn't really feel anything. He thought he just wrenched his neck. Now either he has a higher tolerance for pain, or maybe most of the pain Sha're experienced was from the memory "download" or consciousness suppression of an adult Goa'uld, like a mental rape. She gets a massive download of every atrocity every Goa'uld has ever done. My point is, since I'm a die-hard Daniel/Vala fan and that's the reason for the rewatch, is that Vala probably went through what Sha're went through instead of what Kawalsky went through. Even Sam was infected by a Tok'ra operative, right? Wasn't Jolinar one of the good guys? I don't recall her experiencing Sha're's pain either...but that's in Season 2, I think, so I have a ways to go.

It's getting late, so even though I'd like to get "Emancipation" over with, I think I'll leave it til tomorrow and contemplate some more of what Vala's early years were like. If I have her timeline correct, she was rescued a few years ago (10 years before her appearance in "Prometheus Unbound"). Probably no Lucian Alliance at this stage; she's probably just drifting around, trying to stay off any Goa'uld radar, petty thieving maybe. Or maybe assisting her dad in con-games, though, from her reaction to him in "Family Ties" I don't think they got along well in her later life. No, I bet she's mostly on her own, and soon she'll be making a name for herself. She does joke with Keto that she was the best thief in the galaxy (audiobook "Duplicity"). ;)

life is too short

SG-1: Pilot: Children of the Gods

Posted on 2013.08.23 at 09:30
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Well, Children of the Gods got us off to a good start. Lots of Air Force-y stuff on Earth. Lots of crazy costumes on Abydos and Chulak. Super hot Daniel/Sha're kiss. ;) RDA was really a breath of fresh air for this series. If they'd gotten someone to play it as straight as Kurt Russell did, I think this series would've fallen flat on its pilot. Jack's practically the only one cracking jokes and it's such a relief when he does.

Some of the funny things I noticed.
1) They totally overuse "with all due respect." Reminds me of the audiobook "Half-Life" when Vala says (paraphrase) "Why is it whenever any Tau'ri says 'with all due respect' what they really mean is 'shut the hell up'?"
2) Daniel/Michael Shanks licks his lips. A LOT! It's really hilarious at times.
3) Can't remember other funny things right now, but there were lots. kehwie
and I laughed at a bunch of lines. Kawalsky was a good guy to play off Jack's humor. It's gonna be sad to see him go next ep. :( But Janet should be there so that's nice. :)

I will admit it's hard not to get bogged down by the fact that we Earthlings are so unprepared for space travel like this. I mean, machine guns against fireball weapons? C'mon. Well, *rethinking* I guess those *are* pretty even odds. Oh, and like all space shows, why does everyone speak English? *sigh* At least Star Trek had the universal translator thingies, and Farscape had the translator microbes. You can tell that in the pilot Daniel was going to be much more of a translator until they figured out that would bog the stories down a ton. I know there's a fanon thing that says the stargates translate for travelers, but still, that feels like a stretch. Oh, and lastly, I don't think the Goa'uld care much for their Jaffa or their young infants. Just a little chain mail to protect that pouch? Yeah, you'd think they'd get some better torso armor for their warriors. Or does this just speak to how incredibly arrogant, egotistical, and evil they are? They don't even care about their larval young. Not a bad villain race if I do say so myself.

Hmm, this is already getting very long. I should wrap this up now. See you next time for The Enemy Within and Emancipation. *giggles* That outfit! HAHAHA!


Massive Stargate (and farscape) Re-Watch

Posted on 2013.08.22 at 19:01
Current Mood: chipperchipper
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Hello LJ friends! Just got back from Chicago's Stargate Convention and I'm all excited about hopping back into this hobby. I generally only rewatch Seasons 9 and 10, and one certain episode from Season 8 -- you know who you are ;) -- so I thought, it's been a while, maybe I should go back and rewatch all the eps. Season 1 and 2 will be hard to get through, but I think I'll mix the Farscape episodes in at Season 3. That's about the same time they aired with Stargate kinda. And I mean, seriously, Ben and Claudia totally knew how to bring the hot! LOL!

I'd love to be able to write about this as I go along, but that might bore you guys or clog your Friends pages. Maybe I'll just keep a record of which ones are really good eps and which ones are just boooorrring. That way if I ever feel the urge to rewatch again, I'll know which ones I can safely skip.

TITLE: It Could’ve Happened Like This…
AUTHOR: aeryn_b

RATING: R/Mature
WARNINGS: Triggers for Rape and for Suicide
GENRE: Angst with a happy-ish ending
PAIRINGS: Daniel/Vala, Cameron/Vala, Daniel/Vala/Cameron
CHARACTERS: Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran, Cameron Mitchell, (mentions of Landry, Sam, Teal’c)
TIMELINE/SPOILERS:  ep10x20 “Unending”
SIZE: 1630 words approximately
SUMMARY: With all the angst in this episode, it could’ve happened like this…
AUTHOR’S NOTE: I really want to preface this with some kind of author’s note or disclaimer or explanation…but maybe I should just let the snippet stand on its own.

It Could've Happened Like This...Collapse )

TITLE: Mistletoe Kisses
GENRE: a little Hurt/Comfort but mostly Cotton Candy Fluff and Maple Syrup Sap ;)
PAIRINGS: Daniel/Vala
CHARACTERS: Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran, Cam Mitchell, Sam Carter, Teal’c
SPOILERS/TIMELINE: ep09x05 “The Powers That Be,” ep10x05 “Uninvited,” ep10x20 “Unending,” post-Ark of Truth, post-Continuum
SIZE: 3300 words approximately
SUMMARY: A series of mistletoe kisses over the years.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: OK, you have to realize that I have no idea when Christmas falls in these seasons, so let’s say for argument’s sake that Christmas is after “The Powers That Be” in Season 9 and maybe after “Uninvited” in Season 10.

Read here at FFN
Read here at AO3

Fluffy fic behind the cut...Collapse )

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